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MathDAMP > Examples > MathDAMP source > Data Import/Export > Analyst QS CSV format

Analyst QS CSV format

DAMPImportCSV function imports data from a csv file generated by Analyst QS software (for Agilent TOFMS) and processes it into MathDAMP internal format. Since the csv file does not contain information about the sample name, the name has to be specified via the second parameter samplename. The option Resolution determines the binning of the data along the m/z dimension.

Options[DAMPImportCSV] = {Global`Resolution1, VerboseTrue} ; 

DAMPImportCSV[filename_, samplename_, opts___] := Module[{verbs, dims, allmzs, timepoints, s ...  {Transpose[findata], allmzs, timepoints, {Global`SampleName->samplename}} )]