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Comparing two groups of replicates

The DAMPTwoGroups function uses the DAMPNormalizeGroup function to align and normalize the datasets of the two groups of replicates to be compared. One approach to the comparison is to average the datasets in every group and continue the comparison as with two datasets. Absolute, relative, and absolute×relative differences are generated for the averaged datasets. These results can be further filtered with DAMPTrendFilter to remove those results, where at least a certain number of signal intensities in both groups does not follow the trend of the averages of the groups. In the current implementation, this is done for the absolute×relative result only. Additionally to the comparison of the averages of the groups, t-scores are calculated for the groups of corresponding signal intensities.

Options[DAMPTwoGroups] = {Global`NormalizeGroupOptions {}, Global`ThresholdForRelative0, Global`GroupNamesAutomatic, Global`AbsRelTrendFilter2}

DAMPTwoGroups[ctrls_, smpls_, opts___] := Module[{relthreshold, groupnames, ctrllen, smpllen ... roupCounts {ctrllen, smpllen}, Global`GroupNames {ctrlname, smplname}} ]