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MathDAMP Mathematica package for differential analysis of metabolite profiles
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Public Variables

DAMPTextStyle contains the default text formatting specifiers for plots. Since different font sizes seem to be suitable for printing and on screen inspection, the font settings are central (and have Global` context) and can be easily overridden in particular notebooks. Redefining the DAMPTextStyle in the analysis notebook makes all subsequently generated plots use the settings. Text settings can be redefined on an individual basis for each plot via the TextStyle option in the PlotOptions option for the particular plot.
DAMPCETOFMSDensityPlotOptions, DAMPCETOFMSPeakLayoutOptions, DAMPCEQMSDensityPlotOptions, and DAMPCEQMSPeakLayoutOptions are lists of options for optimal display of data from different sources. Since the data dimensions of CE-TOFMS and CE-QMS datasets differ significantly, different settings for density plots and peak layout plots are desirable (tickmark/gridline frequency, plot size, etc.) These lists can then be specified as a whole or parts overridden by joining a list with overriding/additional options with the list represented by any of these global variables. The lists are empty for the CE-QMS data since the options for underlying function (DAMPPlotDensityPlot, DAMPPlotPeakLayout) are set by default to the optimum for CE-QMS data.

Global`DAMPTextStyle = {FontFamily"Helvetica", FontSize8} ;

Global`DAMPCETOFMSDensityPlotOptions = {Global`MaxScale20000, Global`FrameTickFreqs& ... ineFreq10, Global`PlotOptions {ImageSize940, AspectRatio1.43}} ;

Global`DAMPCETOFMSPeakLayoutOptions = {Global`mzGridLineFreq50, Global`mzTickFreq50} ;

Global`DAMPCEQMSDensityPlotOptions = {} ;

Global`DAMPCEQMSPeakLayoutOptions = {} ;