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Annotation table manipulation

The DAMPLoadAnnotationTable function loads a compound annotation table from a csv file and selects records having relevant retention/migration times and m/z values. The organization of the records is assumed to be as follows: 1) m/z value, 2) retention/migration time, 3) short compound name/id (density plot label text), 4) full compound name (chromatogram/electropherogam annotation text), and 5) label's text position on the density plots relative to the label (1 - right, 2 - top, 3 - left, 4 - bottom, 1.5 - top right, etc). The text label can be placed anywhere around the label on the density plot by using real numbers like 1.5 (position at 45 degrees from the right position).

DAMPLoadAnnotationTable[filename_] := Select[Import[filename], (NumericQ[#〚1〛] ... #〚2〛] &&#〚1〛>0&&#〚2〛>0) &] ;