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MathDAMP Mathematica package for differential analysis of metabolite profiles
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MathDAMP > Examples > 03-MathDAMP-TwoDatasets > Optional Section

Optional : Exploring the data, locating the peak of the internal standard in the reference dataset

For a preliminary exploration, the loaded data may be visualized on density plots either one by one...

DAMPDensityPlot[ctrl] ;


...or using a parallel plot. The parallel plot may provide a useful look at the data even if the datasets are misaligned. The time axis refers to the first dataset in the list submitted to the DAMPParallelPlot function as discussed in more detail in notebooks 02-MathDAMP-Elements.nb and MathDAMP.nb.

DAMPParallelPlot[{ctrl, smpl}] ;


If the location of the peak of the internal standard will be specified explicitly, it is necessary to locate it in the reference dataset (dataset to which the remaining datasets will be aligned and normalized).

DAMPPlotChromatogram[{ctrl}, 182, PlotOptions {PlotRange {{12, 15}, All}}] ;